Working Papers

  • Manipulating the Balance of Power: Arms Transfers and the Delegation of Power Politics (abstract) (pdf)

  • I Think Therefore I Act: Causal Beliefs in the Making of Europe (abstract) (pdf)

  • There is No Justice in Equality Among Slaves: Rescuing Egalitarianism from the Problem of the Tamed Housewife (abstract) (pdf)

  • Choice-Sensitive Egalitarianism: A Conceptual Analysis (abstract) (pdf)


  • “If We Don’t Sell Them Weapons, Someone Else Will”: Market Structure and the Global Trade in Arms (abstract)

  • Sticky Like Honey or Sticky Like Glue: On the Stability of the Liberal International Order (abstract)

  • The Right Tool for the Job: Why Different Policy Problems Require Different Types of Knowledge (abstract)

  • Policy-Relevant Political Science: A Guide for Producers and Users (abstract)